These are some the artists I had the pleasure to work for.

Nestor Torres

Gato Barbieri

I've been performing with Gato Barbieri since 1993. Gato Barbieri takes his legendary sound all over the world.
The last two recordings that features my bass playing with Gato Barbieri are:
"Que pasa" and "Che corazon".

Alicia Keys

"Rear view mirror" (J records) features my Peavy TL six bass.
The track could also be heard on the sound track of "Dr Doolittle 2", featuring Eddie Murphy.

Al di Meola

I participated in the most celebrated "Orange and Blue" tour with guitar legend Al di Meola.

Calle 54

This documentary is the most incredible display of the greatest latin jazz musicians in the world, and Mario Rodriguez is feature in this movie performing with Gato Barbieri.


Mario Rodriguez and Hernan Romero (one of the best guitarrist in the world) perform great amagamated sounds of flamenco, jazz, and pop music every week in New York city. Their work can be heard in several recordings as follows: "Live at Trinity Church", "Un segundo una vida" and "Pulse".

Lisa Zane

Mario Rodriguez is featured in the last production of actress-singer-songwriter Lisa Zane.The name of the album is "Fugitiva" in stores.

Tcheky Karyo

Hollywood actor Tcheky Karyo is releasing his second album as a song writer, and of course Mario Rodriguez is featured as the cd's bassist.

Richard Horowitz

One of the most inspiring and innovative musicians in the world. A true giant of music.

Mark Soskin

Mario Rodriguez shared the stage with this "great of greats" pianist. Mark Soskin is the musicianship at its highest.

Gabriela Anders

Mario Rodriguez also has performed with this incredible singer.

Tito Puente


Hector Martignon

Paquito De Rivera

Mongo Santamaria

Bobby Sanabria

Eddie Allen

Daniel Ponce

Mario Rivera

Criss Washburn